Christmas Gifting Ideas

Lambay Posted 12.02.21

It’s that time of year when we reflect and look back on all that has happened and give thanks for what we have.

No doubt with lockdowns and continuous restrictions our world has changed and we hope that you and yours remain safe and well at this time of year!

We’re especially proud to offer some beautiful gifting ideas this year with additional special offers to our members in the Puffin Society. With more ways to unlock exciting perks, this is your all access pass to exclusive rewards.

So the question is have you joined us yet?

Lambay Whiskey is a unique craft Irish whiskey from a curious place, only the finest Irish distillates are independently sourced for our whiskey. Carefully distilled, bourbon-barrel matured and always cognac-cask finished, Lambay Whiskey’s unique taste is attributed to the expertise of blending and maturation using French oak hand-selected Cognac casks carried across the sea from the world-renowned cellars of Camus, France.

This Christmas we are offering a range of gift packs with our leading brands; The Lambay Irish Malt gift pack and 2 glasses is this year’s favourite along with a similar product for our Lambay Small Batch Blend .

Our Lambay Malt whiskey received 4 gold medals in total this year confirming its quality and taste and featured on Hotpress Magazine’s gift guide 2021 .

Additional items that have just landed on our e-shop this year are our round branded Hipflasks and branded Mule mugs two great items to take with you when venturing outdoors this winter.

Cosy organic Puffin socks can be the perfect stocking filler while our recently released Lambay Legends Collection triple pack is the perfect addition to our Lambay Tuath whiskey glass.

All first-time orders are rewarded with a 10% discount and our loyalty members can earn

So go on treat yourself or your loved ones and we look forward to bringing you some great new releases next year!

Merry Yuletide Everyone!

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