Irish Whiskey Food Pairing with Fish & Shellfish

Lambay Posted 05.04.22

Ireland is the home of whiskey, and Ireland is famous for its food.
From farm to fork and from grain to glass, do you know Irish whiskey and food go perfectly together?
The depth of diversity of Irish whiskey  pairs perfectly with the finest and freshest food on the island.

From Irish cheeses to seafood – oyster – and grilled prawns- from cured meat to barbequed meats to even chocolate, add an Irish whiskey and get ready for an explosion of the senses – as whiskey and food marry together to bring out the most exquisite and intense flavours of Ireland. In the pub or restaurant – or in the comfort of your home – discover the magic of Irish whiskey and food.

The  Irish Whiskey Association has partnered with renowned Irish Michelin-star chef Jp McMahon, to curate and create the best food pairings for our golden spirit of Ireland.

Shellfish such as prawns, scallops, oysters, mussels, and crab are ideal to pair with Irish whiskey. Because of the unique clean flavour shellfish, they are well paired with both stronger, spicier whiskeys to draw out flavour. Pairing with seafood is a great way to showcase the versatility of Irish whiskey while also showcasing some of the amazing seafood found in Ireland. With seafood, the texture is a big element that can be complemented by the right whiskey.

Highlighted Pairings

Depending on the garnish for oysters you can pair with different whiskey, i.e. Tabasco or hot sauce with spicier whiskey; lemon juice or buttermilk with blends.

Mussels can be steamed in a little peated whisky for a unique tasting opportunity

Freshly dressed crab on brown bread and butter is a good pairing for whiskey with a clean flavoured finish. You can also try the crab and brown bread with three distinct whiskeys for a little fun.

Smoked fish, such as salmon, eel, tuna, and mackerel with peated whiskey or a lovely spicy pot still. You can also arrange different smoked fish to try with different whiskey from delicate to mature and spicy. The smoky nature of the fish will complement many different varieties.

Fresh seafood, particularly fatty fish such as salmon will, in general, go well with blends and single malts.

Whiskey cream sauces work well with firm white fish such as monkfish.

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