Irish Whiskey Food Pairing – Chocolate & Desserts

Lambay Posted 16.03.22

Ireland is the home of whiskey, and Ireland is famous for its food.
From farm to fork and from grain to glass, do you know Irish whiskey and food go perfectly together?
The depth of diversity of Irish whiskey pairs perfectly with the finest and freshest food on the island.

From Irish cheeses to seafood – oyster – and grilled prawns- from cured meat to barbequed meats to even chocolate, add an Irish whiskey and get ready for an explosion of the senses – as whiskey and food marry together to bring out the most exquisite and intense flavours of Ireland. In the pub or restaurant – or in the comfort of your home – discover the magic of Irish whiskey and food.

The Irish Whiskey Association has partnered with renowned Irish Michelin-star chef Jp McMahon, to curate and create the best food pairings for our golden spirit of Ireland.

Experimentation and an open mind are key when developing your whiskey and food pairing. It does not need to be complex and some of the best Irish food, from bread to cheese and charcuterie, need very little preparation. The higher the cocoa content the more robust and rounded the whiskey. Try a few squares of good quality 70% chocolate with a pot still or a sherry matured whiskey. Nut and truffle flavoured chocolates will showcase spicier tones of pot still Irish whiskey.

Flavoured chocolate such as salted caramel or orange chocolate balance with the malt in the single malt Irish whiskey. Blends pair well with small dairy-based desserts, such as cheesecake. If pairing whiskeys with desserts, serve with a selection of smaller desserts so customers can try and match with different whiskeys. Due to the strength of whiskeys, smaller portions of desserts work better as the sugar content of the dessert can mask the flavour of the whiskey.

We recommend pairing a dark chocolate fondant or orange sponge cake with our cognac cask finished whiskey simply. The fruit notes of the cognac cask finish evident in our whiskey is enhanced further by these flavours, try a sip of our Lambay Single Malt or Lambay Cask Strength and you will surely see the difference!

Try a crème brulée (with vanilla, orange, or lemon zest) with a single pot still
Dark Chocolate mousse with pot still or sherry matured whiskey
Fruit panna cotta (such as rhubarb) pair with blended whiskeys
Boozy trifles with dark chocolate shavings pairs well with single malts
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