Irish Whiskey Food Pairing – Meat

Lambay Posted 09.03.22

Ireland is famous for its rich dairy and meat industry and therefore only natural we engage in some food and pairings with our liquid gold!
The natural flavours of Irish whiskey will work most meats, from beef to chicken, lamb, and pork – including in sandwiches. Grilled meats pair well with strong malty, peaty or spicy whiskeys, while mature whiskey that is finished in a sherry barrel will match that charred flavoured of most meats. As meat carries a stronger flavour than fish, it can drown out the subtle qualities of lighter whiskeys, except that is if you’re serving beef tartare.

Highlighted pairings

Beef tartare with blended whiskeys.
Steaks or steak sandwiches pair well with single malts. If using horseradish, take into account its spicy character.
Grilled chicken salad with hazelnuts will match the flavour of malted and un-malted barley in pot still whiskeys.
Try little pots of lamb stew with peated whiskeys
BBQ duck, ribs and pulled pork work well with many Irish whiskeys from single malts to sweeter single grains or blends.
Irish whiskey not only pairs well with meat and cheese (such as a slider of burgers) but is also great to use as an ingredient in marinades and sauces due to its rich, sweet flavour profile.
Whiskey sauce pairs perfectly with streaks and pork fillets.
Try adding a dash of peat whiskey to the chicken before grilling, breading or flouring.
The flavours of southern fried chicken, as well as Moorish spices (cumin, coriander, and cinnamon), work well with spicy pot still.
Lamb curry (or other types of curry) can match more mature whiskey due to their deeper flavours.

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