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LIWC Posted 03.10.22

Lambay Irish Whiskey is a portfolio of Irish Whiskey that brings a unique cognac-cask finish to the whiskey category. Created through a collaboration of Camus Cognacs and the Baring Revelstoke Trust, our whiskeys are inspired by and named for the island of Lambay.

Lambay Island is a unique location, a hidden paradise just three miles off the coast of Dublin, Ireland. Here lies a playground for puffins, a sanctuary for seabirds, and the adopted home of a troupe of wallabies! This is also the heart of Lambay Irish Whiskey making.

We combine five generations of Camus blending expertise with centuries-old Irish whiskey-making techniques to create our premium flagship whiskey and invite you to join us for your very own at-home tasting!

Before we begin you will need:

  1. A clean glass perfect for nosing the whiskey.
  2. Some still water to cleanse your palette
  3. Possibly a piece of dark chocolate to effuse more flavours during your tasting!
  4. Lambay Small Batch Blend 

Let’s begin the tasting!

  • Cleanse your palette with some water and then begin by nosing the aroma of the whiskey.
  • Notice the delicate aromas of Flora and Citrus, Malt is evident but elegant Spice makes the whiskey very approachable. Open your mouth when breathing in and smelling the whiskey to receive the more intense aromas.
  • This whiskey is a young elegant whiskey (4-5yrs old) and is a blend of grain and malt Irish whiskey, where the grain is more dominant in both aroma and flavour delivering a characteristically Irish sweetness to the taste.
  • Now take a sip of the whiskey and allow the spirit to coat your tongue, noticing the sensations on your inner cheeks as the whiskey begins to gently coat your mouth.
  • Lambay Small Batch Blend is exceptionally soft with hints of cracked pepper, almond, malt, and flora.
  • The finish has subtle spice with a lingering sweetness.


  • Take another sip of the whiskey and gently place a piece of the dark chocolate on your tongue, the fats in the chocolate melt quickly and combine pleasantly with our whiskey as it dissipates on your palette.
  • Notice the fruit notes that match perfectly with the cognac-cask finish in the whiskey.
  • Why not consider adding a small drop of water to your sample and notice the intensity in floral notes due to the water separating the alcohol, this a small way to appreciate whether you drink your whiskey straight or with ice.

A unique expression from this special place, Lambay Small Batch Blend is a crafted premium small-batch triple-distilled Irish whiskey, a bourbon cask matured and finished in French oak cognac casks carried across the sea from the world-renowned cellars of Maison Camus, France.  Lambay Whiskey is crafted with water from Lambay Island’s Trinity Well before being bottled at 40% abv for your enjoyment.

Recommended Serve

  • Lambay Small Batch Blend has plenty of diversity for drinks. The floral sweetness makes for easy sipping either straight-up or on the rocks, simply adding a Mediterranean tonic and a slice of Lemon can create the perfect aperitif.
  • Also due to Lambay’s smoothness and hints of spice, pairing it as a cocktail with a fruit base or a classic whiskey sour never disappoints.
  • Served also with seafood such as Oysters, Clams, Seaweed, Sushi, Salmon, or Monkfish is highly recommended.

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